About Us

2Centric is a US-based company focusing on remote staffing services with locations in Latin America.


Lower Cost Without Sacrificing Efficiency

Simplified Process

We handle the recruiting process without a fee, and all we need is for you to interview and select the dedicated resource that becomes integrated within your workforce and focused on the job.


Our team is paid well, unlike other organizations outside of the U.S. The purpose is to ensure the same high-quality individuals we have working for us in our internal operations are the same caliber of resources you hire from us.


No hiring expenses – No payroll liabilities – No long-term contracts – HIPAA & PCI secure environment – On-site and remote support.

It worked for us. It’ll work for you.

We invested in our company’s people, environment, and infrastructure to augment our operations in the US, and it’s been an enormous success. Our investment allowed our clients to grow their business by getting more work done, increasing their customer base, and reducing overhead costs.









We are 2Centric – Your Remote Staffing Partner

At 2Centric, we understand the importance of finding the right talent for your business. As a US-based company specializing in remote staffing services, we provide you with dedicated resources from our top-notch team in Latin America. We’re committed to simplifying the process for you, while delivering exceptional results.

Simplified Process – We Take Care of the Details

Our recruiting process is straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective. You don’t have to worry about any recruitment fees – just interview and select the candidate that best fits your needs. Once chosen, your dedicated resource will seamlessly integrate into your team, focusing on the tasks at hand.

People – High-Quality Talent for Your Business

We pride ourselves on the high caliber of our team members, who are paid competitively to ensure the best quality resources for your business. We believe that our people are the backbone of our success, and we’re confident they’ll become a valuable asset to your organization as well.

Benefits – A Comprehensive Solution for Your Staffing Needs

Partnering with 2Centric means you can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • No hiring expenses
  • No payroll liabilities
  • HIPAA & PCI secure environment
  • On-site and remote support

Take advantage of our expertise in remote staffing and let 2Centric become your trusted partner in expanding your workforce with top talent from Latin America. Get started today and experience the difference a dedicated, skilled team member can make in your organization.

Build your dream team with our great people, environment, and infrastructure.

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