2Centric is a US-based company focusing on remote staffing services with locations in Latin America.

In today’s digital landscape, having the right IT professionals is crucial for the success of any organization. At 2Centric, we specialize in providing remote staffing services within the information technology sector. Our candidates possess the technical expertise and experience needed to support your IT infrastructure and ensure smooth operations. Explore our range of IT services designed to keep your organization at the forefront of technology.

End-point Computing

Secure and efficient end-point computing environments are vital for seamless business operations. Our end-point computing specialists have the expertise needed to manage and support various devices, ensuring optimal performance and security. By partnering with 2Centric, you can be confident that your computing environment is well-maintained and protected.


Effective communication is the foundation of collaboration and productivity. Our communication technology professionals are skilled in implementing and managing various communication platforms and tools, helping your team stay connected and work efficiently. With 2Centric, you’ll experience improved communication, leading to increased performance and success.


A robust IT infrastructure is the backbone of any organization. Our infrastructure specialists have the knowledge and experience required to design, implement, and maintain complex IT infrastructures. By working with 2Centric, you can ensure that your IT systems are reliable, scalable, and ready to support your organization’s growth.

Information Security

Protecting your organization’s valuable data and assets is more important than ever. Our information security professionals have the experience and expertise needed to safeguard your organization from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. By partnering with 2Centric, you can be confident that your information security needs are in capable hands.

IT Professional Services

Every organization has unique technology needs and challenges. Our IT professional services team includes a diverse range of experts, ready to support your organization’s specific requirements. From project management to risk analysis reports, 2Centric’s remote staffing services can provide the IT expertise you need to succeed.

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