2Centric is a US-based company focusing on remote staffing services with locations in Latin America.

Managing finances and legal matters can be complex and challenging. At 2Centric, we specialize in providing remote staffing services within the accounting and legal sectors. Our professionals possess the knowledge and experience necessary to help you navigate these complexities with confidence. Explore our range of accounting and legal services designed to support your organization’s success.

QuickBooks Specialist

Efficient financial management is crucial for any business. Our certified QuickBooks specialists have the expertise required to streamline your accounting processes and provide valuable insights into your organization’s financial health. By partnering with 2Centric, you can ensure that your finances are managed effectively and in compliance with industry standards.


Accurate financial records are essential for maintaining compliance and making informed business decisions. Our professional bookkeepers are experienced in managing financial transactions, reconciling accounts, and generating financial reports. By working with 2Centric, you can trust that your bookkeeping needs are in the hands of skilled professionals, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Legal Assistant

Managing legal cases and documentation can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Our knowledgeable legal assistants have the expertise necessary to support your organization’s legal needs, from drafting documents to organizing case files. By partnering with 2Centric, you can ensure that your legal matters are handled efficiently and accurately, giving you peace of mind.

Legal Case Manager

Smooth legal case progress is vital for achieving favorable outcomes. Our experienced legal case managers are skilled in coordinating all aspects of a case, from communicating with clients to managing deadlines. By working with 2Centric, you can trust that your legal cases are managed effectively, increasing the likelihood of success.

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